Pregnancy Birthing Visualisation & Meditation


Enjoy a guided pregnancy meditation session for you and your baby to become attuned with each other’s energy. A special experience for you, your baby-to-be and your support partner. 



One-on-One sessions

Vicky will guide you with gentle techniques specific to pregnancy meditation, relaxation and the power of breath. A tailor-made meditation and coaching session of breathing techniques (like hypnobirthing) which can be customised to help you with any pregnancy or birth limitations you may be feeling. The session is recorded so you can take it home and listen whenever you need.

The time is now for you and your support partner (if desired) to become attuned with the baby you are carrying, to feel positive and ready for your childbirth experience.


What to expect: A tailor-made meditation and coach session of breathing techniques (like hypnobirthing) that is recorded so you can take it home and incorporate into your daily practice

Cost: $120 per 60 min session

Location: Spa St Clair, 236 Forbury Rd, St Clair, Dunedin


Vicky talked me through my fears and excitements, discussed some birthing tips that she has successfully used, taught me how to breath correctly and took me through a meditation that I was able to take away with me to practice and help me focus on my baby and the exciting process of birthing a child. I left our session feeling more relaxed, focused and many of my anxieties were eased by Vicky’s warm and calming presence.
— Luchia hermens

Awaken Meditation Coach

With years of experience and a heart full of passion, Vicky is trained to help guide you through this special time.